DRC Learning Lab

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) Learning Lab is available to all DRC students. We encourage students to utilize the lab to complete homework, study, learn to use various assistive technologies, or to browse the web between classes.

The Learning Lab is equipped with 10 PCs running Windows XP and 2 Macintosh computers running OS X and Windows XP. Students can print in the lab utilizing their SunCard to pay for printing charges. A lab aide is available to assist students with computing questions or issues that arise.

Basic computer workshops will be offered in the Learning Lab during the semester. The workshops will be publicized on bulletin boards around the DRC as well as via email to interested DRC students. For additional information about upcoming computing workshops offered at the DRC, please contact Ralynn West.

In addition to standard Windows and Macintosh based applications, the DRC Learning Lab is also equipped with various assistive technologies. We are continually striving to provide students with relevant and practical assistive technology that will provide equal access to computing and text materials at ASU.


  • Kurzweil 3000 10
  • Kurzweil 1000 11
  • MAGIC 11
  • JAWS 9.0
  • Duxbury 10.6
  • E-Text Reader
  • Scan and Read Pro 7.0
  • Text-to-Audio 7.0
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.0
  • Omni Page Pro 14.0


  • Juliet Pro Braille embosser
  • Tiger Advantage Braille embosser
  • HP and Epson Scanners
  • Alva 440 Braille Display
  • CCTV’s (Closed Circuit Televisions)
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard