Commission on the Status of Women

CSW/SC 2012 Professional Development Conference

Tempe Campus

The CSW/SC Professional Development Conference at the Tempe Campus will take place in the Memorial Union.

Workshops will run from 8:30AM-3:30PM, with check-in beginnning at 8:00AM.

The conference and reception/resource fair is open to all ASU faculty, staff, and students -- and is completely free of charge.

Registration for the CSW/SC Professional Development Conference is required.

Registration will open on August 13th. Seating is limited and tends to fill quickly. You are encouraged to register early. To register, please review Registration Instructions page.

Per SPP 601, supervisors and employees are encouraged to work together to identify reasonable work modifications to allow the employee to attend conference workshops, without negatively impacting service.

See below for the conference schedule at Tempe and for workshop descriptions. To learn more about the speakers for these sessions, visit the Speakers page.

If you have any questions, please email

Important Notes about CSW/SC Conference at Tempe:

  • This year's CSW/SC Conference will feature a variety of "Supervisory Training" sessions. While these sessions are particularly geared towards those in supervisory positions, these sessions are open to all conference registrants that would like to attend.
  • This year we are offering a variety of two hour workshop sessions. Please note that if register for these session, you are expected to attend the full session.
  • Pending registration, the locations for some conference session might be switched to alternate rooms in the MU to accomodate larger audiences. On the conference day, you will recieve a full schedule with the updated room locations for all events. Be sure to pick this up when you check in.
  • Workshops for the Tempe Campus tend to fill quickly, so please register early.

If you have any questions, please email


Conference Schedule & Workshop Information

  Tempe Campus Conference Location: Memorial Union
Schedule Workshop Workshop Description

Conference Check In

Location: MU Alumni & MU Gold

Conference check-in will be available throughout the day and you must check-in before the first session you are scheduled to attend.

Conference attendees scheduled to attend an 8:30AM session are encouraged to arrive early for check-in to avoid delays.


Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Strategies for Professionalism in the Workplace

Presenter: Mary Fachman

You are continually making impressions on supervisors, colleagues and customers in the work place whether you realize it or not. Professionalism is what sets you apart and gives you an edge.  This workshop will give you tips on how to enhance your professional image and demonstrate your competence on a daily basis.  You will leave with common sense ideas on how to gain the confidence and respect of those around you and become known as the “consummate professional”.



Legal Review: Legal Issues in the Workplace

Presenter: Jodi Preudhomme

Working for a government or state institution, requires heightened attention to legal issues in the workplace, particularly around the issue of “public records.”  In this workshop, Jodi Preudhomme, ASU’s Associate General Counsel will present a basic legal review of important legal issues and considerations that state employees should be aware of.  Particular attention will be paid to public records and e-mail communication.



Career Development: Marketing Yourself & Your Resume

Presenter: Toni Rhorer

An essential part of successful career development is updating one’s resume.  This workshop will cover ways to update your resume and highlight new skills you have developed.  We will look at the resume as a tool for marketing your background and experiences.



Power of Positivity

Presenter: Joel Hutchinson

Research has shown that having a positive attitude is essential to a happy life and a successful career.  In this workshop, we will address the powerful impact our thoughts can have on our success personally, professionally, and in our relationships with others. We will discuss facts and myths about positive thinking, common "thinking traps" that can derail us, and strategies to help you develop your successful frame of mind. 



Events Planning 101 at ASU

Presenter: Kristin Olafsdottir

You are busy with your assigned job and suddenly a planning event has been added to your plate. Where do you begin? This workshop will give you the basics on where to begin your planning, such as finding a location, rules on who can cater, how to reserve parking, permits you might need, and other things that can ensure a smooth-running event. This workshop provides you with valuable resources for finding information, checklists, and other aids. Recommended for anyone new to ASU or new to event planning.



Harassment & Workplace Bullying

Presenter: Kamala Green

Harassment is a specific form of discrimination. It is unwelcome behavior, based on a protected status, which is sufficiently severe or pervasive to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for academic pursuits, employment, or participation in university-sponsored programs or activities.  This interactive session will provide you with scenarios of “harassing type behavior” and an opportunity to ask questions.  Workplace Bullying is a commonly asked question by many employees in most organizations. Am I being bullied if my co-worker does…?  My supervisor always speaks down to me.  Am I being bullied? If you find yourself the target of “bullying type behavior”, this session will identify the dos and don'ts in terms of how you should identify and proceed.



Working With & Supporting Your Student Worker

Presenter: Rafael Guzman

In many units, student workers are an essential part of a unit’s organization and success.  This workshop will cover how to be a successful supervisor to your student worker and how to deal with common issues that arise with student workers, so that the experience is successful for everyone.


Email Professionalism: Improve How You Look on Outlook

Presenter: Karen Engler

Email is arguably the predominant form of business communication in the work environment.  In fact, sometimes the only interaction we have with individuals is by email.  As a result, how we write and send emails impacts the way that we are perceived by others.  In this important workshop, instructor Karen Engler will discuss issues with email communication, and will outline specific strategies on how to make your emails more effective, and how to improve how you are perceived by email.



Career Development: Networking at ASU and Beyond

Presenter: Maryjo Zunk

This workshop focuses on the career management topic of networking.  Achieving our personal and professional goals requires knowledge, skills, and determination.  We also need the support and advocacy of others.  While we build and manage networks to create support and promote personal interests among family and friends, we don’t always consider how the same interpersonal skills and interaction with colleagues and communities in which we regularly engage can help us create and reach professional goals.  Whether you network to keep abreast of what is happening at ASU and build partnerships for you and your office or department, just want to brush up on some general networking strategies, or learn how to incorporate social media in building and maintaining dynamic job search and professional support networks join us as we focus on effective networking, within ASU and beyond.



Crucial Conversations

(Note: 2 Hour Session)

Presenter Cory Dillon


Learn to step up to problems in the workplace and hold other people accountable in a way that solves problems and preserves working relationships. Crucial conversations are conversations where the viewpoints differ, the stakes are high and the emotions run strong. Based on the bestselling book, Crucial Conversations, this workshop provides a brief introduction to the key concepts and plenty of time to practice a new skill.
Please note that this is a two hour workshop session.




Assert Yourself: Assertiveness Training

Presenter: Leonard Nasca

Are you someone who sits back to avoid conflict, and are looking for an effective way to change this about yourself?  When and how do you stand up for your personal boundaries?  There is a fine line between aggressive behavior and behavior that is assertive, learn the difference and how to use both effectively.  This class will give you practical tools and examples of how to use assertiveness to obtain your goals of success without compromising your integrity. 



Sustainability: Going Green in the Office

Presenter: Nick Brown

ASU Human Resources established criteria for evaluating staff and management personnel on their sustainability efforts and conscientiousness. This session will provide concrete ideas and strategies on how to adopt sustainable office practices. You will leave with a plan of action which will allow you to communicate your support for ASU’s sustainability initiatives during your next employee evaluation.



Parenting: Understanding & Communicating with Your Teenager

Presenters: Beth Wiley & Sarah Heaslip

Parenting an adolescent can be a chaotic blend of exhilarating highs and devastating lows.  Purposeful parents understand the importance of being intentional in their interactions with their teens.  Unfortunately, it's much easier to be a haphazard parent - reacting randomly to situations that arise, instead of proactively building a relationship of mutual trust and respect.  We will share strategies to help parents reduce stress and increase communication with teenage sons and daughters.



De-Stress at Your Desk

Presenter: TBA

This important workshop session will discuss different strategies and techniques to manage and reduce your stress at work.


Career Development: Sensational Skill Secrets: Tips on Identifying & Marketing Transferable Skills in a Challenging Economy

Presenter: Jennifer Rhodes

An essential part of career development is not only being able to identify skills, but also how to effectively market them. Are you thinking of updating your skills or advancing in your current position and are uncertain how to market your skills?  Are you wondering what top skills today’s employers are seeking?   Attend this interactive session to learn the “secrets of the trade” and how to present your experience in a manner appealing to employers, even in a challenging economy.  A useful workshop for anyone seeking to grow and advance their career.   



Project Management & Managing Multiple Projects

Presenter: Joan Barnes

According the Project Management Institute (PMI), an international project management organization, a project is a temporary endeavor having a defined beginning and ending.  It is unique in that it is not a routine operation but a specific set of functions interconnected to accomplish a singular goal.  In today’s business environment; where projects vary in size, scope, and timelines; employees owning the ability to simultaneously manage and complete multiple projects possess an invaluable skill.  Handling multiple projects involves time management skills, empathetic stakeholder requirements, and an innate understanding of personal productivity limitations and constraints.  This important workshop will discuss practices, project characteristics, and time management methodologies that support handling of multiple projects. 
This workshop will teach you to:

  • Understand productivity limitations and constraints
  • Identify strategies for managing multiple projects
  • Define conflicts and challenges inherent in handling multiple projects
  • Utilize Tools, Tips and Techniques for Time Management of Multiple projects



Supervisory Training: Managing for Diversity & Inclusion

Presenter: Kamala Green

What is ASU’s commitment to building a diverse workforce that represents the community we serve? What is your commitment to ensuring compliance with Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and legislation? Supervisors hold the key to the success of assisting the organization with establishing, developing, and retaining staff.  This session will provide you with the tools necessary to diversify and include your team (equally) with hiring decisions, training programs, and giving a voice to all members of the ASU Community.
Please note that while this workshop session is open to all conference participants; however, the focus of the workshop discussion will be directed towards those in supervisory positions.



Advanced Events Planning at ASU

Presenter: Kristin Olafsdottir

The focus of this workshop will be on larger and more complicated events. This would include events planned at ASU such as homecoming and open house, as well as what to focus on and look out for when planning larger events off-campus, such as multi-day educational conferences and symposiums. It will include how to plan, design, and implement larger events to meet your goals without a hitch, and touches on the roles and responsibilities you have as an event planner and ASU employee. This workshop provides you with valuable resources for the creation of checklists, budgets, and other aids.



Personal Financial Strategy: Adapting to the New Economy


Ten basic steps to create a foundation of properly structured financial strategy for individuals and families facing a new economy.  Topics will include in the area of budgeting, credit restoration, retirement strategies, and risk management.  This workshop is presented by The Dollarhide Financial Group, LLC, a general agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). 




Parenting: Juggling Parenthood & Work -- Finding the Right Balance

Presenters: Beth Wiley & Sarah Heaslip

Most parents have two full-time jobs: the one they do for their employer, and raising their children. Maintaining a balance between your work and home lives can be difficult. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult parts of parenting, and each parent needs to find the balance that works for his or her unique situation. We will discuss strategies and learn from the experience of others to learn how to find the balance that works for your life.


Conference Reception & Resource Fair

Location: MU Turquoise

Networking is an important part of career development, and with that in mind the CSW and the Staff Council invite you to join us for the conference lunch break – which will feature both a reception and a resource fair.  This is a great opportunity to meet with fellow conference attendees.  During the reception, you will also have the opportunity to visit with a wide variety of organizations and vendors as part of the conference resource fair. There will be lots of great giveaways.   It promises to be a great event!

You bring your lunch, and we’ll provide dessert. 
For catering purposes, please register for this event if you are planning to attend.



Leadership Development: Understanding the Transition to Becoming a Leader

Presenter: Kevin Salcido

In this important workshop session, Kevin Salcido, AVP of Human Resources, will discuss  how one develops into a leader.  This workshop will explore the realities of transitioning from an individual contributor to a leadership role.
Topics to be explored include: 

  • The different roles of leaders in different levels of the organization
  • The responsibilities that one assumes when moving into leadership
  • The key skill sets to develop to prepare yourself for leadership
  • The importance of self knowledge in a leader role
  • The importance of continued self development a leader
  • The challenge of getting things done through others

This is a great workshop for those who are interested in progressing to leadership roles in their career.



Leading Upward: Creating Connections & Influencing Others

Hosted by ASU Faculty Women's Association

Presenter: Jess Alberts

Successful leadership requires strong communication and social influence skills. As a result, leaders often focus on skills that help them manage and influence their subordinates.  However, an equally important, but overlooked, set of skills are those that allow managers to create connections and to influence their supervisors and other powerful people within the organization. In this talk, we will focus on the importance of “leading upward,” communication skills that allow managers to create stronger connections with supervisors, and core social influences skills that help managers influence important others.



Emotional Intelligence: The Heart of Leadership

Note: 2 Hour Session

Presenter: Cory Dillon


Participants will learn about Emotional Intelligence (EI) and how one can use EI to improve effectiveness as a leader. Learners will identify the core competencies of EI, gain an awareness of EI strengths and weaknesses, and harness the social and emotional potential of your team to improve performance.  

Please note that this is a two hour workshop session.


Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Presenter: Kamala Green

Are you familiar with ASU’s commitment to diversity? Do you have a clear understanding of what “inclusion in the workplace” means? Join this session to learn and ask questions about ASU’s diversity plan and how that affects you.  You will learn about our federal obligations as well as how the university strives to provide equal opportunity and inclusiveness for all.



Financial Education -- What's Next: Financial Strategies for Saving & Investing

Presenter: Iris Look of Mass Mutual Financial Group

Case studies of how two families in different life stages are planning for their savings, college expenses, and retirement.  Topics will include principles of savings and various investment strategies. This workshop is presented by The Dollarhide Financial Group, LLC, a general agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). 




Family: Caregiving & Stress

Presenter: Kathleen Waldron

In this workshop, we look at what caregiving entails, sources of stress, coping with stress, male and female differences, and resources to help family members who are dealing with stressful caregiving situations.



10,000 Solutions – The Power of a Collaborative, Problem-Solving Community

Presenter: Daniil Gunitskiy

Note: Previously titled "10,000 Solutions: A Project of the New American University"

What are your ideas for making the world a better place? How about the workplace? No idea is too big or small for 10,000 Solutions. Come feel empowered to create change at this interactive workshop and see how you can turn your ideas into action using the 10,000 Solutions platform. Entering its second-year, 10,000 Solutions is a university-wide effort that embodies the ideals of the New American University. 10,000 Solutions has collected more than 2,000 Solutions from ASU students, staff and faculty and also members of the community. During the session, we'll provide background on the project, view some of the uploaded solutions, work in groups to brainstorm our own solutions and upload your ideas to the 10,000 Solutions platform.  



Supervisory Training: Leadership Presence & Networking

Presenter: Kevin Salcido

How important is it to stand out in a crowd? Are first impressions the catch-all? What can I do to spruce up my networking skills? These questions and more will be addressed within this workshop. Kevin Salcido, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, will present an engaging and interactive workshop on the importance of having executive presence and networking.

You may be attending meetings and working closely with colleagues both on and off campus grounds, but are you being noticed? And, is it in a good way? Kevin will share some techniques and tell personal stories around what has worked for him and what he recommends to others on how to increase self-awareness and boost confidence when working with others as a means to enhance and build upon having a leadership presence.



Career Development: Successfully Negotiating Opportunities

Presenter: MaryJo Zunk

This workshop focuses on the career management topic of negotiation.  Determining whether to introduce a change in job responsibilities, or accept a promotion or job offer requires analyzing specifics about the project assignment, position, and industry, as well as understanding the culture and stability of an organization, and our individual choices.  Employers in the private sector expect candidates to ask and are well prepared to enter into the negotiation process when an offer is made.  In the public sector, employers may not have the luxury of offering more money for talent, but may have other perks for building and enhancing your career.  It is important to know your value in today’s market and practice the art of negotiating to help others value you.  Whether negotiating an initial job offer, project assignments, a title promotion, or an increase in pay, this workshop will help you reinterpret the idea of negotiation to overcome fears and provide important information for your consideration and preparation to negotiate, based on the value you bring to the organization.


Nutrition: Medicinal Properties of Food

Presenter: Carol Johnston

In this nutrition workshop, Dr. Carol Johnston will share important information on the health benefits and medicinal properties of different foods, including her research on vinegar, nuts, and vitamin C. 



Financial Education: Strategies for Successful Retirement

Presenter: Iris Look

Five Steps for establishing for successful retirement.  Topics will include defining your retirement goals and how much you will need, ASU retirement plan and how it works and strategies to get ahead and maximize your retirement plan as you are looking close to retirement. This workshop is presented by The Dollarhide Financial Group, LLC, a general agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). 


Registration Information

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